Enabling the future
of targeted therapies

The rate of asset development is outpacing the rate of target discovery by 2x

We are developing antibody therapeutics around new biology that more precisely targets tumors

Our ATLAS and SUMMIT platforms are centered around proprietary healthy and tumor datasets

Our ATLAS platform is purpose built to analyze specificity

Our reference atlas enables us to understand the genome-wide antigen profile of every cell in the healthy human body.

Our tumor atlases power an understanding of which cells in a tumor are malignant, and what targets are specifically expressed on every malignant cell.

Without these two datasets, it is impossible to understand whether a targeted therapy will truly be specific in the body.

Our computational algorithms enable an unparalled view into every target in every cell that matters.

Atlas Overview

Atlas platform

The ATLAS platform is a curated, fully integrated and proprietary set of single-cell RNA-based data and tissue repositories. ATLAS contains 10X the number of cells found in publicly available single-cell datasets and was designed to leverage Healthy Reference as well as Tumor Atlases to accurately identify specific targets through scalable, state-of-the-art computational algorithms.

atlas overview

Healthy Reference Atlas

Our reference atlas is a composite of true healthy individuals (ie; those without any known health conditions) as well as population- (eg; diabetes, obesity) and patient-representative samples (ie; normal tissue in a cancer patient). Our reference atlas contains >1000 different annotated cell types across every major organ in the body.

atlas overview
atlas overview

Tumor Atlases

Over a trillion data points - including genes, isoforms, variants, and aneuploidy - characterized for every single cell, empowering us to precisely target any cell within the tumor microenvironment with unparalleled accuracy.

atlas overview
tumor atlases

Target Algorithms

Our proprietary Target Ranking Algorithms efficiently analyze our massive, best-in-class datasets to deliver therapeutically relevant, effective, and safe targets and target pairs.

atlas target

Target Expression

A deep understanding of target expression is critical for designing a therapy. Leveraging our extensive single-cell data, we possess the unique capability to precisely evaluate the both the expression level within the malignant cells and the targets expression heterogeneity.

Target Specificity

Our state-of-the-art platform is optimized to discern targets that demonstrate an exceptionally high level of specificity to any cell type of interest within a tumor which minimizes the potential for off-tumor liabilities.

Target Liabilities

By leveraging our extensive internal reference atlas, we possess a unique capability to accurately assess off-tumor liabilities across more than 1000 annotated cell types spanning every major organ in the body and design targeting strategies that meet precisely defined risk profiles.

Target Developability

Our cutting-edge platform maximizes the utilization of all associated data about cell types and proteins to ensure that our targets meet pre-define developability criteria.

Patient Coverage

Our methods estimate the number of patients we can target with a high success rate for any target. We leverage patient metadata and subtyping information to match the right targets to the right patient population.

Modality Predictions

A target must be paired to the right drug modality. We've leveraged a deep understanding of immunotherapies to build algorithms that score each target for multiple drug modalities to maximize the potential for in-patient success.

SUMMIT is the next-generation of engineered specificity


Multi-specific targeting is the future of targeted therapies. They enable the creation of ‘synthetic targets’ – the synergy between two targets – allowing for therapeutics that have exquisite specificity and broad patient coverage.

Identifying these targets pairs has been challenging to impossible. Only single cell data enables this because you need to understand if the target is co-expressed on every cell of interest.

Drugs only binds with cells that express both targets

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